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Theatrical Trekking “VI grade – beyond the limit human possibilities”

 This is the story of an extraordinary friendship that flourishes in the wilderness of the mountains.

An original narration by Andrea Franceschini. The impression of trekking and nature will lead us towards the impression of the theatre. During the hiking, surrounded by the beauty of our places and guided by the voice of a storyteller, we will be mesmerized by a magnetic narration of an incredible alpinist journey. This is the story
of the friendship between an old poacher and a young student, tackling together one of the most majestic and unbeaten rocky walls in the heart of the wildest Dolomites. This is a challenge that will mark unforgettably their destinies. An experience into the experience: the strain that blends with the satisfaction
of having conquered the final destination and a charming story that permeated by the beauty of the landscapes and of the atmosphere characterising our marvellous mountains. 


DATES: July 24th | August 28th 2022



RETURN: 14.30

DINNER: packet lunch

PRICE: 30,00 euros

NOTE: suitable trekking clothes, a blancket to sit over and a flashlight.

RESERVATION: Chiara De Rocco +39 348 0533732

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