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Italian Alpine club (Cai) excursions

The excursions of the Italian Alpine Club Val di Zoldo for Summer 2021.

A reservation is necessary for any of these excursions. Please contact the tourist offices of Forno (+39.0437.787349) or Pecol (+39.0437.789145), by 5.00 p.m. the day before the activity. The organisation reserves the right to cancel or to modify excursions in case of bad weather or other problem.


Cost: 5,00 € per person for people associated to Cai; 10,00 € per person for people not associated to Cai.

11/07 - Fra i Cir e Sas Ciampac (E)

D +700 Duration: 6 hours

18/07 - Cima Coldai (E+)

D +900 Duration: 7 hours

25/07 - Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Friulanbe  (EEA)

D +940 Duration: 8 hours

01/08 - Labirinti della Moiazza (EE)

D +800 Duration: 6 hours

08/08 - Col Dur da Zoppè  (E)

D + 800 Duration: 6 hours

22/08 - Belvedere per la Porta e f.lla Col Pelos (EE)

D +1350 Duration: 8 hours

29/08 - Bivacco Bedin Prima Pala di San Lucano (EE)

D + 1300 Duration: 7 hours

24/10 - Traversata alla Cima del Sasso di Bosconero  (EEA+)

D+ 1600 Duration: 9 hours


Download here the complete program.

Suggested equipment:

• hiking or trekking boots
• a change of clothes in case of rain or cold weather
• a comfortable backpack
• enough water and food for a day

Levels of difficulty:

T/tourist: very easy, suitable for children
E/excursionist: well-marked trails
EE/expert excursionist: very steep trails, with some scree
EEA/equipped expert excursionist: difficult trails that require ropes

Organiser: CAI Val di Zoldo.

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