Concerts in Cadore


Musical review "Historical organs in Cadore"

August 9, 2023 - August 17, 2023


Since 2001, the Association of Historical Organs in Cadore - Dolomites has been proposing a rich summer concert series on the ancient Cadore organs every year.


Concert program in Cibiana di Cadore:

  • Tuesday 9 August - Parish Church of San Lorenzo, 9.00 pm - Organ “C. Aletti” 1898.

Manuel straropoli, flute; Manuel Tomadin, organ


  • Thursday 17 August - Parish church of San Nicolò, 5.30 pm - Organ A. de Marco Brunet of the church of San Nicolo di Fusine


musical interventions by Renzo Bortolot and Efrem Guerrato

Org. Municipality of Zoppè di Cadore, Magnificent Community of Cadore, Proloco Association.



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