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A summer celebration yoga retreat

We are thrilled to invite you to the 4 day Summer Solstice Yoga retreat in the Val di Zoldo (Fornesighe), from 20 to 23 June.
The dates of the retreat include the International Yoga Day on the 21 of June. It is an energetically powerful event, when "all" yoga teachers worldwide organise something special for the occasion, and as a consequence many people will practice Yoga at the same time on the Friday.
If you are interested in taking part, please find the detailed program below, and let us know if you need more information.

Our closed heart is like a lotus flower that blooms thanks to the virtues that grow within it such as Purity and Great Inner Beauty.


The lotus flower has the ability to remain pure and intact despite living in the midst of muddy waters. For this reason it is used in Yoga as a metaphor for the path of growth, from life’s difficulties through the waters of experience to realisation.


We will celebrate Summer’s arrival by practicing yoga and meditation, walking in nature, giving ourselves time to rest, and as the grand finale to the retreat, dancing with Federica Casol to express our flourishing colours, our talents and our uniqueness.


Annabella Fairtlough will lead morning and evening practices inspired by the theme of the lotus flower’s story, the sacred symbol of Yoga and of divine illumination. An experience suitable for all ages and levels, even for beginners.


Each day, after a nutritious breakfast, we will set off on foot to the heart of a forest or the peak of a mountain, observing what is outside but also within ourselves. The picnic will be a moment of relaxation, after which we will return to Fornesighe to fully enjoy the rest of the afternoon surrounded by the warm atmosphere of the Dormì & Disnà, before the evening practice. Delicious vegetarian dinners will be served in the centre’s cosy little restaurant: Nona Gió.


The Price:

· € 420 per person for 3 nights in a shared double room

· 30% supplement for single use


The Price includes:

· Morning and evening Yoga and Meditation practices

· A Biodance guided session on Sunday

· Optional walks

· 3 breakfasts/ 3 vegetarian dinners/ 3 packed lunches


For further information on the retreat or to book your place:

please write to Annabella at

or call her on cell. 346.375.0134

To see photos of the centre please go to:


The Program: THURSDAY

18:15 welcome/evening practice

20:15 dinner


Friday and Saturday

07:30 yoga/meditation

09:00 breakfast

10:30 walk

12:30 picnic

14.30 free time/sauna/massage

18:00 evening practice

20:00 dinner

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