Easy walking routes

Fertaze Alpine lake

The tiny Alpine lake of Žarnadòi, also known as Fertaze, is the ideal area for a picnic, since it is equipped with a grill, tables and benches, where even children find lots to do. The path to reach the lake is quite tiring, but it is short and well worth the effort.

On the provincial road no. 251 which passes above Mareson, in front of the Hotel Corona (large car park), a path sets off (marked Cai 498 A) which climbs up the slopes of Pelmo in a northeasterly direction to the right of Grave reaching the tiny Žarnadoi lake.

Quite quickly, following a row of trees the path crosses over the meadow and goes into the larch and pine woods, where you will find a junction (unmarked). Continue to the right and shortly reach a picnic area with a barbecue area with benches and tables. Nearby, you will find a tiny pool of water fed by the clear waters of the stream which comes down from Val da Ria’1. Near the bridge the path continues to the left (east) to climb up and meet the wooded road at roughly 1.630m of altitude which you follow in an easterly direction, going beyond the old “casere” (farm houses) and descending to Coi (1.500m). This means extending the walk by about an hour from the proposed itinerary, but it is definitely worth the effort.

To the right of the water pool the path goes downhill for a short section along a dirt road which joins up with the state road linking Coi to Mereson (a detour to the left instead leads uphill to an Alpine Colony which has been abandoned, named after General G. Giurati from the Provincial Federation of Venice of the National Association of soldiers and veterans). Coming down from the asphalted road you reach the road no.251 about a hundred metres from the starting point. It is worth following the provincial road to the left into Mareson’s historical centre, where there are many interesting sites to be seen (churches, old homes and mountain huts).

The legend of the Pelmo
Once upon a time it was called Pelf and it is said that the Pelmo was not a mountain of bare rock but covered in meadows and woods. In fact, it would seem that the glacial cirque below the summit was an area of pasture with sheperds producing cheese. They say that one of these very shepherds one day refused hospitality to a traveller who was seeking shelter from the rain; the mountain then became furious and shook off its green mantle laying bare the rock (Sass de Pelf) and causing a terrible earthquake which sent rubble and huge boulders down the valley burying the village of la Cros between Pianaz and Mareson blocking the course of the Maè to form the Lake of Maresòn.


[contents: Unione montana Longaronese Cadore Zoldo]

Difficulty: Easy, for families
Length: 1.700 m
Travel time: 40 min
Altitude: 1.445 m
Difference in height: 110 m
Land: Path and road
Dolomitic Group: Mount Pelmo
Departure: Mareson 1.334 m
Arrival: Mareson 1.334 m
Recommended period: Summer, Autumn, Spring
Attendance: Medium


The "Lizon" road

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 45 min.
Quota: 1.570 m
Dislivello: 118 m

The waterfall and the Alpine lake "Al Vach".

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 3 h
Quota: 1.361 m
Dislivello: 381 m

The village of silence - Sottorogno, Pradel, Foppa

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 40 min
Quota: 1.018 m
Dislivello: 87 m

Vara dal Molin

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 40 min
Quota: 1.476 m
Dislivello: 80 m

La strada del formai

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 1 h 40 min
Quota: 1.690 m
Dislivello: 246 m