Snowshoe excursion | Pecol - Baita Cristelin

This trail is not very difficult and it winds through the woods near the ski slopes of Pecol and offer beautiful views of Pelmo and Civetta.


To reach the Baita Cristelin from the departure of the gondola lift go left and cross the entire square until you take a small road that starts downhill; shortly after a junction turn right (keeping ahead you go to Palma) uphill to the hut.


From the huts, various trails through the wood that get to the Pian del Crep, giving you the possibility of hiking along a lovely loop trail (you can ask for more information at the ski pass office or tourist office).


Before embarking in a winter excursion, check out weather forecasts and snow conditions.

We remind you that from January 1st, 2022 a new legislation on winter excursions is on force: self-rescue disposals are mandatory for all winter excursionists in avalanche prone environments

Difficulty: Easy - please verify the weather and ambiental conditions
Length: 2 km (A)
Travel time: 2/3 h (A/R)
Altitude: 1607 m
Difference in height: 230 m
Land: Packed snow on dirt track
Dolomitic Group: Monte Civetta
Departure: Pecol cableway square (1375m)
Arrival: Baita Cristelin (1607 m)
Attendance: High


Val di Zoldo is waiting for you


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