Ski mountaineering

Ski-mountaineering - Forca Rossa

A great and classic itinerary which goes up the narrow couloir leading to the Forca Rossa of Mount Pelmo. The route develops along the steep northern slopes at the foot of the Pelmo as far as the base of the couloir.

Set off from the Rifugio Fiume car park at 1600 m altitude. Go up the steep slopes below the north face of Monte Pelmo. On arriving below the rock face, cross to the left going all the way around it until the start of the couloir which leads to the saddle. Go along the whole length of the couloir which gets narrower nearer the top.
The saddle is at an altitude of approx. 2700 m.

Go back down the same itinerary, with hard or crusty snow pay particular attention at the beginning which is steep and narrow.


Exposure: North


Before to start please verify the conditions of the itinerary contacting the Alpine guides of Val di Zoldo.


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Difficulty: BSA - please verify before your excursion the weather and snow conditions (Arpa meteo)
Travel time: 4-5 h
Altitude: 2700 m
Difference in height: 1000 m
Dolomitic Group: Mount Pelmo
Departure: Parking area of Rifugio Città di Fiume 1600 m
Arrival: Forca Rossa 2700 m
Recommended period: Winter


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