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The Gnaga

The characteristic Carnival in Val di Zoldo will entertain you at Fornesighe, with beautiful traditional masks, in a playful and magic atmosphere. Two spectacular days of amusement and fun that you cannot miss: including the Gnaga parade, the annual “exhibition of wood-made masks”, sculpture demonstrations in the village’s alleyways, creative workshops for kids and more.


We wait for you Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February at Fornesighe, to discover the Gnaga's Carnival!


On Sunday 3 February possibility to take a free shuttle bus from Ciamber (near Forno di Val di Zoldo) to Fornesighe from 10.30 to 18.30.


Saturday 2 February: a day dedicated to children workshops!

12.00 typical dishes of Val di Zoldo
14.00 workshops and demonstrations of sculpture
19.00 a dinner together
21.30 music and dance


Sunday 3 February: the Gnaga's parade!

10.00 workshops and demonstrations of sculpture
12.00 typical dishes of Val di Zoldo
13.00 demonstrations of sculpture
14.00 Gnaga's parade


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