Nordic walking

Nordic walking from Pian del Crep

Along the whole itinerary you will be accompanied by the landscapes on the majestic Mount Civetta, its rocks change colors and tones during the daytime, giving you unforgettable emotions.


Starting from the cable car parking in Pecol (Val di Zoldo) with the the cable car (open in July and August) you go to Pian del Crep, where you will find Ristoro Pian del Crep. From here, going along a white gravel road passing through woods and beautiful wide meadows, descend to the ski slope Ski Civetta area. After crossing the ski slope turn into the 558 path as far as Forcella della Grava 1.784 m. Following the 558 path you arrive near Ristoro Su’n Paradis, with a wonderful view on the Moiazza.


Go round the hut in an easterly direction and turning into a narrow path you will come to the road which reaches Pian del Crep.


Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4,2 km
Travel time: 1,30 h
Altitude: 1882 m
Difference in height: 117 m
Land: Path and gravel road
Dolomitic Group: Mount Civetta
Departure: Pian del Crep 1650 m
Arrival: Pian del Crep 1650 m
Recommended period: Summer
Attendance: High


Val di Zoldo is waiting for you


Hamlets worth discovering

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 1 h 30 min.
Quota: 929 m
Dislivello: 89 m

To the source of the Maé - Le Palanche

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 1 h
Quota: 1.445 m
Dislivello: 57 m

Via ferrata Tissi

Difficoltà: See the description
Tempo di precorrenza: 8-10 h (dipende dal percorso di discesa/depends on the downhill itinerary)
Dislivello: 2000 m dalla/from Capanna Trieste

The "Lizon" road

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 45 min.
Quota: 1.570 m
Dislivello: 118 m

The village of silence - Sottorogno, Pradel, Foppa

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 40 min
Quota: 1.018 m
Dislivello: 87 m