Mountain bike and e-Bike

Trip 9 Forno di Zoldo - Zoppè di Cadore - Dont

E-bike ring route through the hamlets and the natural beauties of Val di Zoldo


It starts in the centre of Forno di Zoldo.

Take the road next to the Museo del ferro e del Chiodo [Iron and Nail Museum] to reach Pieve and continue to Dozza and then up to Bragarezza.


On a paved road, you get to the Cemetery of Zoppè di Cadore; turn left and on a steep dirt road you arrive at the Forcella Tamai (1715m).  
From here, downhill towards Costa; at the end of the dirt road turn right on a paved road to Brusadaz, continue as far as Rutorbol and then to Dont.

Turn left and uphill you get to Villa; from here, halfway in the village turn right and at the end of the road continue first on asphalt and then along a dirt road to Astragal.

Via a comfortable paved road, you cycle back to Forno di Zoldo.


Discover more itineraries on the mountain bike map that you can buy at the tourist offices of Pecol and Forno (Val di Zoldo)!

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 21,000km
Travel time: 2h 10min
Altitude: 1718m
Difference in height: 1034m
Land: Paved / dirt road
Dolomitic Group: Monte Pelmo
Departure: Forno di Zoldo (848m)
Arrival: Forno di Zoldo (848m)
Recommended period: Summer
Attendance: Moderate


The Alpine lake Piridei

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 1 h 50 min.
Quota: 1.544 m
Dislivello: 170 m

Via ferrata Tissi

Difficoltà: See the description
Tempo di precorrenza: 8-10 h (dipende dal percorso di discesa/depends on the downhill itinerary)
Dislivello: 2000 m dalla/from Capanna Trieste

Hamlets worth discovering

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 1 h 30 min.
Quota: 929 m
Dislivello: 89 m

The village of silence - Sottorogno, Pradel, Foppa

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 40 min
Quota: 1.018 m
Dislivello: 87 m

La strada del formai

Difficoltà: Easy, for families
Tempo di precorrenza: 1 h 40 min
Quota: 1.690 m
Dislivello: 246 m