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Family-friendly routes in the Val di Zoldo

Dedicated to the valley’s youngest visitors, the baby trekker paths are ideal for your little one’s first adventures in the Dolomites. Simple trekking routes perfectly feasible with a stroller; itineraries the whole family can enjoy, through easy village streets and along broad and virtually flat dirt roads. One example is the “strada del fieno”, or “hay road”, a marvellous route that runs through woodland and the little village of Mareson, amid characteristic tabiai, wooden dwellings and cool beech groves, or the walk through the villages of Bragarezza, Pieve and Forno, amid the centuries-old architectures typical of the area.

And if the kids fancy the chance to observe the animals on our pasturelands, there are a number of mountain pastures within reach in the Val di Zoldo area, such as Vescovà, Pian and Fontanafredda, where you can also enjoy some delicious food after a short walk with your junior trekkers.


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Where to buy and rent baby carrier backpacks:

Molin Sport - via Pecol 1, tel. 0437.788939;

Trekking strollers and baby carrier backpacks rental: pizzeria Palma, località Palma.

Family-friendly routes in the Val di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo