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Snowshoes walks in the Val di Zoldo

The pleasure of a winter experience, the thrill of a changing landscape, following routes completely different from those you enjoyed in the Summer. Invented in Canada some time in the distant past, snowshoes (called “caspe” in the local dialect, but more widely known as “ciaspe” or “ciaspole”) were used by the American Indians for hunting, by nomads of the Arctic areas to get around and by the people of the Alps to gather firewood in the forest or carry hay down to the valley.

Today, the old wooden ciaspe with cord ties have been replaced by lightweight, modern models in metal or plastic that can be attached to normal mountain footwear. They are no longer used out of necessity, but for leisure, and have become one of the most enjoyable pieces of equipment for practising slow sport.

Although they are easy to use, they do require a certain degree of trekking experience on mountain paths.
The Val di Zoldo offers plenty of snowshoe routes, some of them part of the circuit "Cadore regno delle ciaspe” (Cadore, the kingdom of ciaspe) and others in beautiful spots in the valley.

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ATTENTION PLEASE: as the communication of Cai Veneto (Italian Alpine club), after the bad weather of October 2018, some paths are damaged. For updates on the state of the trails please ask at the tourist office in Pecol (Val di Zoldo - via Monte Civetta 4B - 


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Snowshoes walks in the Val di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo