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Ski mountaineering in the Val di Zoldo

Because of its particular position, the Val di Zoldo is one of the valleys with the heaviest snowfall in the Dolomites. Every winter, several metres of snow build up on its peaks, allowing for off-piste routes to suit all levels.
From the gentle, sunny slopes to the steepest descents in the Dolomites.

The Val Pramper, for instance, offers numerous ski mountaineering itineraries in a wild, uncontaminated environment. The Pelmo and Civetta groups offer endless options, from the most popular areas such as Forcella delle Sasse and Forca Rossa to descents the best ski mountaineers aspire to.

If the snow conditions allow, you can ski down through splendid forests, and with a little uphill walk with your skis on, you can ski down an endless range of couloirs such as the Ru de Porta.


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Ski mountaineering in the Val di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo