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The Alta via Dolomiti Bellunesi

  • Difficulty: E; EE; EEA
  • Length: 110 km
  • Precision time: 7 giorni/days
+ 6100 m - 6370 m
Dolomitic Group:
Forno di Val di Zoldo (848 m)
Feltre (325 m)
Recommended period:

An authentic journey through the Dolomites at their wildest: the Alta Via delle Dolomiti Bellunesi is a mountain adventure in the midst of nature at its most authentic, in the heart of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.


Unexplored paths, an incredible variety of scenery, amid rocks, grassy hillsides, lush woodland and wide-open grassland with a surprising charm. The itinerary takes 7 days, and starts out from the Val di Zoldo, the gateway to the National Park, before moving through the rich flora and pasturelands of the Val Pramper, the Monte Pramper, Castello di Moschesin and Spiz di Mezzodì mountain groups, and coming to an end at the Vette Feltrine mountains, with the Dal Piaz Refuge and Monte Pavione.


The route winds its way through some marvels of nature, such as the watercourses of the Mis Valley, with the Cadini del Brenton rock pools and the Soffia Waterfall, and the highly distinctive Karst plateau of Piani Eterni; also of significant interest are a number of sites linked to the anthropological history of the area, such as the Moschesin Fort, built during the First World War, the mineral working in the Val Imperina, or the abandoned village of California.

The Dolomites as you’ve never seen then before: a unique experience for true aficionados.


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Pic. Roberto De Pellegrin - archivio Alta via Dolomiti Bellunesi