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Hiking: medium-difficulty routes in the Val di Zoldo

In the summer, the Val di Zoldo, in the heart of the Dolomites, is an ideal destination for hikers and climbers. The Pelmo, Civetta, Bosconero, Mezzodì and San Sebastiano groups all offer trails for all tastes, in a unique setting. Here in the website you will find descriptions of medium-difficulty routes, aimed at more experienced walkers in good physical shape looking to try some of the best-loved trails in the area.

There are lots of itineraries waiting for you, such as a walk up to the Coldai Lake and the mountain refuge of the same name, the route across the Civetta and Mondeval, Sora al Sas, the Bosconero refuge and many others!

Up in the mountains, the generous nature of the Dolomites provides numerous agreeable surprises along the way: the alarm whistle of a marmot, the shudder of a roe deer, a glimpse of a shy, solitary chamois. If you are really lucky, you might rise your eyes to the sky and admire the elegance of an eagle in flight, since the undisputed guardian of the Dolomite peaks has chosen this area as its refuge.


ATTENTION PLEASE: as the communication of Cai Veneto (Italian Alpine club), after the bad weather of October 2018, some paths could be damaged. For updates on the state of the trails please ask at the tourist office in Pecol (Val di Zoldo - via Monte Civetta 4B - 


Alpine guides:


Guide Alpine Val di Zoldo
Via M. Punta 2/b
32012 Val di Zoldo (BL)
Tel: +39 3282372767



Mountain leaders:


Chiara de Rocco - mountain leader - escursioni e river trekking
Tel: +39 348 0533732



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Hiking: medium-difficulty routes in the Val di Zoldo

Val di Zoldo