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To the source of the Maé - Le Palanche

  • Difficulty: Easy, for families
  • Length: 1.860 m
  • Precision time: 1 h
1.445 m
57 m
Gravel road and path
Dolomitic Group:
Pecol 1388 m
Pecol 1388 m
Recommended period:
Summer, Autumn, Spring (from May)

An easy and relaxing walk to the "Palanche" on the torrent Maé, among meadows, fir trees and larch trees below Foppe with a view of Civetta’s northern towers, beautiful views over the pools of water and Maè waterfalls as well as the Pelmo.


From the main square of Pecol Vecchio (surrounded by old houses and by the church which was rebuilt after the fire during the autumn of 1961) cross the Maè torrent over a narrow bridge and continue along the country trail (marked n.586) which heads in a westerly direction toward Ski Civetta’s “Lendina” slope and follow sign posts “percorso ginnico”.

Roughly 250 metres after the bridge, near the Bellini house, you will find the Casa Sporca, where there was formerly a furnace for smelting iron, still mentioned in 1936 but which has now completely disappeared.

The road passes near the small Zorzi farmhouse and for a short section climbs up into the woods and then reaches a junction at Pian de la Miniera (or Pian de le Fraghe, 1433m, 15 mins; on the left path n.586 continues along Val di Pecol).
Continuing always on flat terrain westwards (n.587) for roughly 1.250 metres you will reach another junction; from here leave path n. 587 (which climbs up to the left towards Val Civetta) and continue towards the course of the Maè torrent. Reach “Le Palanche” (30 minutes) where, as well as enjoying the open meadows, the small waterfalls and the pools of water from the stream, you can sit down comfortably at a table sheltered by a roof and eat your pic-nic lunch or enjoy a barbecue with friends.

To return to Pecol, cross the stream over the wooden bridge and turn right straight away (east, to the left you head towards Coldài) following the wide path-mule track which leads back to the village on the orographic left, with a few up and down sections along the way enjoying the beautiful views through open meadows, you cross Val Fontana, passing below the Le Coste chairlift which leads back to the starting point.

The source of the Maé
From the route described, two small roads branch off in a south-westerly direction through the Val di Pecol and ‘ristoro Civetta” (Casòt di Pecol, no. 586) and for the Val Civetta (587). Following them you can go up as far as the Sorgenti del Maè. It is better to take the second one, a good wide road which runs along the side of the torrent, coming, after ten minutes, to a sign post (1.520 m approx.) that indicates to the right the direction for the “Sorgenti del Maè”. Follow the path (which leads to the summit of the Col Grand, 1.927 m) and about half way up the steep slope another sign post indicates on the right the direction for the source, where the torrent first emerges from a small cavity in the rock (40 min).


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