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Trip 8 Zoppè di Cadore - Rif Venezia

  • Difficulty: Moderate / Easy
  • Length: 18,400km
  • Precision time: 1h 45min
Paved / dirt road
Dolomitic Group:
Monte Pelmo
Zoppè di Cadore (1461 m)
Zoppè di Cadore (1461 m)
Recommended period:

E-bike route at the foor of Mount Pelmo to Rifugio Venezia


It starts in Zoppè di Cadore, near the cemetery.

On a paved road, ride past the village to the heliport and after about 2 km at the junction Le Fraine (1590m) turn left following the uphill track that shortly will lead to the altitude of 1750m slm near Tabià Belvedere.


Continuing on much easier declivities you reach the crag from where to admire Mount Pelmo in all its majesty. Keep on on an easy road till Crepe di Varella. From here, the last, harder stretch starts, but quickly you will reach your destination, Rifugio Venezia, 1946m.


Follow the same route to go back to Zoppè di Cadore.


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