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Bike Trails Val di Zoldo

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Dolomitic Group:
Mount Civetta
Pecol (1400 m)
Pecol (1400 m)
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Ski Area Val di Zoldo is fun also in summer thanks to the brand new bike trails dedicated to the adrenaline addicts.


The three itineraries have been shaped partly following the winter ski slopes and partly descending steep and winding tracks into the woods at the feet of Mount Civetta.



It is the longest (3.3 km) and most exciting of the three. Once you've reached Pian del Crep thanks to the cable car from Pecol, follow the track downhill on the right. You will be back to the starting point after having cross the beautiful Val di Pecol.


Max % slope: >20%
Level of difficulty: Difficult
Length: 3310 m
Max altitude: 1760 m
Min altitude: 1400 m 



The most demanding and arduous of the three trails. Despite the high degree of difficulty, the descent is spectacular and fun, specifically shaped for the most expert bikers. when you reach the highest altitude (arrival of the cable car), the descent starts on your left crossing the chairlift Cristelin towards the homonymous mountain hut and entering the wood nearby the famous red slope "Cristelin", finally arriving in Pecol.


Max % slope: between 15% and 20%
Level of difficulty: Very difficult
Length: 2785 m
Max altitude: 1760 m
Min altitude: 1400 m



This trail is addressed to the most experienced bikers. Almost 3 km with bated breath that twist and turn in the thick wood nearby the black ski slope "Le Foppe".


Max % slope: between 15% and 20%
Level of difficulty: Very difficult - for experts
Length: 2881 m
Max altitude: 1760 m
Min altitude: 1400 m


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