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To the Vach Lake in e-bike

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length:
  • Precision time: andata/one way 1h 30min
1361 m
515 m
Dolomitic Group:
San Sebastiano
Forno di Val di Zoldo (848 m)
Vach lake (1361 m)
Recommended period:

An e-bike trip through the woods to a little lake at the foot of a beautiful waterfall in the heart of the Val Barance. The Vach Lake is a little alpine lake that transmits a relaxing sensation of calm to visitors, nestled in woodland that is appealing in every season.
From Forno di Val di Zoldo (848 m), go up towards the village of Pralongo (987 m), along the municipal road. After the little church of Sant'Andrea and the sports field, follow the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) indications for Casera Al Pian, and then continue along the long woodland road.
Once you reach Casera al Pian (1162 m), the ideal place for a pleasant rest (open in summer and at off-peak weekends), continue along the road to the lake.

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