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To the Talamini refuge in e-bike

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length:
  • Precision time: Andata/one way 2h
1586 m
740 m
Dolomitic Group:
Mount Pelmo
Forno di Val di Zoldo (848 m)
Rifugio Talamini (1586 m)
Recommended period:

Easy e-bike trip to the Talamini Refuge, in the area of Zoppé di Cadore, at the foot of Monte Pelmo. A route that runs through a series of little villages, in the restful greenery of the woods, towards a marvellous view over the Antelao.

From Forno di Val di Zoldo (848 m), go up along the municipal road to the village of Bragarezza (929 m), where you can enjoy fabulous views over the most characteristic villages in the area, such as Fornesighe, Pieve and Campo, boasting an incredible wealth of artistic and cultural sites, such as the church of San Floriano in Pieve di Val di Zoldo, the largest and the oldest in Val di Zoldo, which is well worth a visit. Inside the church, you can admire the Altar of the Souls in Purgatory by the sculptor Andrea Brustolon (1687).

From Bragarezza, continue towards Zoppé di Cadore (1461 m), a little gem nestled at the foot of Monte Pelmo. In summer, during the month of August, you can visit the "Al poiat" museum, which tells the story of the carbonai, the charcoal merchants of the past. Cycle up to the village of Bortolot, and continue along the convenient road that leads up to the delightful Talamini Refuge (1582 m) in the woods.

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