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Snow shoes excursion - Mount Punta

  • Difficulty: Intermediate - please verify before your excursion the weather and snow conditions (Arpa meteo)
  • Length:
  • Precision time: 3-6 h AR
1952 m
600 m
Fresh snow
Dolomitic Group:
Mount Punta
Costa (1425 m)
Monte Punta (1952 m)
Recommended period:

The itinerary leading to Mount Punta is quite short, but still rather demanding and steep in the last part. However, once on the top, the view embraces one of the most beautiful panoramas of Val di Zoldo, as Mount Punta is located just in the middle of the valley.

You can leave the car in the tiny village of Costa, from here follow the rut in the wood (497) till Tamai Pass, from where you can enjoy the scenery over Cadore and Zoppè. Continue along the track 499 following the ridge first and the becoming steeper in the last part, till the summit.

For the descent (or even in the way up), if the snow conditions are favourable, it is possible to shorten the itinerary but taking the trail n° 496 from Tamai Pass and reaching directly the centre of Costa.


You can climb Mount Punta also starting from Zoppè di Cadore, in this case the excursion is entirely kissed by the sun


Before embarking in a winter excursion, check out weather forecasts and snow conditions.

We remind you that from January 1st, 2022 a new legislation on winter excursions is on force: self-rescue disposals are mandatory for all winter excursionists in avalanche prone environments.

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