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The Great War in Val di Zoldo and on the Dolomites

Rediscovering history in the places of the Great War. For aficionados of contemporary history, the Val di Zoldo, like much of the Dolomites, was the scene of battles during the First World War.

Monte Rite, Monte Punta and the Spiz Zuel, the minor mountains whose peaks look down over the valleys of the Zoldo area, were once strategic points along the “Linea gialla” (trad. "yellow line") of Veneto resistance that ran from Asiago to the Marmolada.

As you walk along the paths here, you’ll often come upon the remains of communication trenches and galleries and constructions testifying to the memorable, dramatic events of the Great War.


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The Great War in Val di Zoldo and on the Dolomites

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