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The Casal boats: a masterpiece of Zoldo's boatbuilders in Venice

The exhibition "The Casal boats: a masterpiece of Zoldo's boatbuilders in Venice" is introduced by an authentic gondola of the thirties and continues with the exposition of the eleven magnificent models of boats, by Giuseppe and Antonio Casal, from the Museo Correr in Venice.

Loan of the Museum are also a model of raft, a couple of ancient "ferri da gondola", and two works by Valentino Besarel: a wooden bust of an ideal Andrea Brustolon and an original frame dedicated to the work of the "squerarioli", while the frame of Sante Colussi's portrait comes from the Val di Zoldo Municipality. The exhibition is completed by a rich documentary archive, together with the fruit of recent research on the squeri zoldani and their location in Venice.

A sentimental itinerary takes place on the upper floor, in which the artistic quality gives way to the affective value of the works: some of the watercolors by Ninetta Casal Besarel are exposed, together with the reproduction of the of the frescoes still present in the Casal venetian house, reproducing nineteenth-century life in Zoldo.


This project aims to rediscover and enhance the heritage of excellent craftsmanship represented by mountain people in past centuries, especially the boat builders of the Venetian lagoon - a trade in which they put all their knowledge, experience, skill and fantasy. This is why it is important to "bring the models home".


Opening hours:

Conference hall "Almerindo Rizzardini", piazza Giovanni Angelini 3, Fusine, Val di Zoldo.

Opening from 14 July to 27 October
Everyday from 10.00 to 12.00 / from 16.00 to 19.00
(Monday closed).

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