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The Tourism Quality Mark

In 2012, Consorzio Val di Zoldo turismo (the Val di Zoldo Tourism Consortium) drew up a list of regulations for the issue of the "Val di Zoldo Dolomites World Heritage" Quality Tourism mark.

Further information on how the Quality Tourism Trademark is obtained can be found here:

The "Val di Zoldo Dolomites World Heritage" Quality Tourism Trademark seeks to support the creation of an innovative approach to tourism in the Val di Zoldo, separate from yet complementary to the more traditional offer.
The idea of this approach is to focus on the peculiar features and natural attractions of the area (above all the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites), as well as its craftsmanship, ethnic and cultural traditions, in order to help visitors enjoy what the area has to offer, respecting its nature and engaging the people who live here.

The aim of the Trademark is to offer a quality tourism experience in the Val di Zoldo, by placing the accent both on the values of hospitality, among the kind, welcoming people of the area, in a warm, family environment, and on the environment and the unspoilt nature of the UNESCO Dolomites.

Consorzio Val di Zoldo turismo, which issues the quality trademark, has drawn up a clear set of regulations on how to obtain the certification. The tourist facilities that apply for the quality trademark voluntarily agree to an inspection for the purpose.

It is the Consortium that carries out these checks at the facilities annually, to ensure that all the quality requisites are met and maintained.  

- To safeguard the environment, by cutting water and energy consumption, eliminating individual toiletries, etc, and with notices warning against waste and the use of eco-friendly soap, detergents, toilet paper, etc.

- Highlight the principles of the UNESCO Dolomites, with tourist facilities providing guests with information material regarding the values of the World Heritage site and helping them to respect them.

- Improve and guarantee the quality of the service, with tourist facilities able to offer effective information and tools to explore both the nature and culture of the Val di Zoldo.

- To guarantee the availability of snow shoes, trekking poles, child carriers, maps of the valley and information on both trekking routes and cultural events and facilities.


The accommodation facilities recognised by the "Val di Zoldo Dolomites World Heritage" Quality Tourism mark:

- Villa chele apartments
- Villa chele rooms
- Dormì e Disnà apartments
- Dormì e Disnà rooms
- Hotel Edelweiss
- Campsite Civetta
- Agency Al Lumin

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