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Grif del Diaol farm

Via Sommariva, 18 - Sommariva, 32012 Val di Zoldo

This small farm in the middle of the Dolomites, offers home grown farm-to-table products such as: saffron, potatoes, beans, flour, dry apples, apple and plum jam, elder and roses syrup and jelly, dandelion syrup, roses, grapes and rhubarb.


A course on the re-introduction and reinstatement in Val di Zoldo of some specific kinds of cultivations triggered the interest of Pierina Giacomel, the owner of Grif del Diaol farm, towards the so-called “red gold”, namely the saffron.


For this reason, some years ago, she started to buy the first bulbs and to scrupulously prepare the field for the blossoming of the delicate violet saffron flowers.
Every season, she carries out the same procedure with much patience, work and dedication: in June, she digs up the bulbs and in the following hot months, she takes care of the field and prepares it to be ready to welcome the bulbs in September. Finally, from September to October, the picking up operations begin. This implies walking up early in the morning before the sunshine opens the flowers, collecting them and dry out their pistils.


Saffron cultivations was so successful at the beginning, that Pierina decided to try also new experiences, such as the biologic plantation of potatoes, beans, corn, apples and roses for the preparation of jams and syrups.

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