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Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Associazione Al Matez

Annabella Fairtlough, Yoga Anusara-Inspired and Meditation instructor, organizes classes, private lessons and events in Val di Zoldo, at the association Al Matez in Forno.

Yoga practice is a wonderful and funny way to deepen our comprehension of the world and find again the state of union between body, mind and spirit while being busy in living our lives.
Anusara is a modern style of Hatha Yoga, where we find all the benefits that yoga offers and in which we can go beyond physicality and explore the inner world. For the teacher this is the most important aspect and it makes the practice different and special.

An experience perfect for all ages and levels: from children, to teenagers to seniors. A therapeutic practice suitable for beginners and not, but also for those with special problems.

It brings us in touch with our inner source and allows us to regain energy, courage, self-esteem, increases sensitivity, compassion and all the positive virtues that all of us have in the heart.

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